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At Peregrine Cloud, we supply document management and matter management solutions to help law firms and legal teams in the UK and Europe work more effectively.

We have over 20 years experience helping firms like you with their document management and matter management requirements, so we already understand your working culture.

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Who We Are

Peregrine Cloud is one of the UK’s best document management and matter management solutions providers for law firms. The company was set up by Owner and Lead Consultant Tony Foy in 2013 and has built up a high-profile client list. We work with our clients to identify their document management and matter management problems, devise a bespoke solution, manage the installation and sustain their growth into the future.

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What makes us different?

Our service is fast, reliable and has immediate impact, yet our approach is simple, honest and personal. We take care to create document management solutions that will continue to work as your company grows.

We care what our clients think of us and build excellent working relationships with every single one of them. Our clients also find our extensive experience in the legal document management sector reassuring.

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