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Our Approach

We specialise in recommending, implementing and supporting document management software solutions. Every one of our customers is part of the Peregrine Cloud family. From the moment you call us, we will work with you to improve your daily workflow by installing the best document management software solution available.

If needed, we will become a part of your external support system, taking away the pains of document management so you can focus on being the very best law firm or legal department you can be.

legal document management software
Document management software

How We Work

As part of our bespoke project based service when implementing document management software, you will experience the following stages:
  • Stage One: Identify Software SolutionsWe only install industry-leading legal document and matter management software for our clients. We will talk to you and your key stakeholders at a no obligation ‘discovery’ meeting. We won’t ‘push’ software on to you, we recommend and if required provide it when we believe it is the right solution for your company. We will engage with you, digging down to understand your pain points and real business needs. We will come up with the right document or matter management solution to meet that need and if we’re able to recommend it, we will do so.
  • Stage Two: System InstallWe will assign an experienced and skilled project manager to oversee the whole project. They will spend time with you, understand your needs, advise on best practice, implement and configure the system. The project manager will ensure there is minimum disruption to your business throughout.
  • Stage Three: Import Your data and documentsImporting your data and documents should be done with great care, so they can be found easily and quickly in the new system. If needed, we may recommend some tidying up of documents in existing folders for easier and more accurate filing.
  • Stage Four: Go-Live and SupportBefore going live, all your data and documents will have been imported and verified. Go-live can be completed for the whole user base at once, or group by group. Users will be trained on the most important parts of the system so they can start using it. On-site floor-walking support, or remote support, is included, to answer questions to swiftly resolve any issues and minimise business impact.
  • Stage Five: Further TrainingFurther refresher or advanced training is available after staff have been using the system on a day-to-day basis for a short while. A review will be carried out after 2 weeks to consider any changes and provide any further training. Our regular blog posts and email updates will keep you updated with any new technologies or services that may help you.

Do you want to change how your law firm manages matter information, documents, emails and collaboration?