Document Management solutions to make your legal team soar

Why Cloud?

Our Cloud document solutions are the most secure option for your firm. Work from anywhere, reduce your overheads, simplify your technology and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from an incredibly secure system built by NetDocuments and installed by Peregrine Cloud.
Cloud document management software UK, Europe
Cloud document management software UK, Europe

What are the Benefits of Cloud document solutions?

There are many significant benefits that come from adopting Cloud document solutions for your law firm or legal department. Here we have identified a list of seven benefits that your organisation should see after moving your services to The Cloud:

Drive Loyalty

Drive brand loyalty by showing your customers that you are an innovative company that is committed to investing in your business.

Boost Efficiency

Boost efficiency by using the latest, most agile, software available to law firms and legal departments globally.

Reduce Costs

Reduce your IT management overheads by cutting out the need for physical servers and eliminate the 5-year server replacement cycle. Save money by introducing this system in your organisation at a much lower cost than a similar physical service.

Stay Secure

Stay assured that there is a built-in disaster recovery system in place to keep your files safe and accessible. Rest easy in the knowledge that The Cloud system has a virtually impenetrable 10-step security process in place to protect your documents, emails and workspaces.

Attract Quality

Attract and retain high quality employees by demonstrating that you are committed to installing best of breed software. Increase staff morale by allowing them to work flexibly and with simple to use software.

Be Modern

Future proof your software by having an external team of dedicated professionals carrying out regular upgrades for you.

How Can We Get Started?

Ask us for a free consultation and software demo today. We are happy to show you the benefits of using a swift, secure and easy to use system that has been designed and built exclusively for lawyers, by NetDocuments. We will help you find the best solution for your business.