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What Is The Cloud?

The Cloud is the modern alternative to storing your data on-site in physical servers. Using Cloud document management and matter management software will reduce your running costs and handle all your data backup needs.
Cloud document management software UK, Europe
Cloud document management software UK, Europe

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a general term for the delivery of services hosted over the Web.

In Cloud Computing, a company will take your service and place it outside your organisation’s firewall, and on a shared server. You can use this service via the Internet, instead of via your own company’s hard drive.

This shared Cloud infrastructure is made up of large clusters of systems that are connected together. The power of these systems is boosted by the use of virtualisation technologies.

Cloud Computing enables the supply of software as a service, rather than a product. This allows companies to keep their costs down by paying per user, rather than needing to meet the cost of an expensive licence fee.

This system means that we can also offer Cloud document management and matter management software to store your files, documents and to manage your legal information effectively.

Why use The Cloud?

There are many reasons why businesses of all sizes are using Cloud Computing today. Here are some listed below:

Reduce Costs

Lower the costs of physical hardware and on-site storage facilities needed to house physical servers. There are no such costs associated with hosting your services in The Cloud.

Access Anywhere

Open up the possibilities of remote and mobile working for your company’s employees. All they need to get started is an internet connection and mobile device to access the services.

Be Greener

You have the potential to lower your company’s carbon footprint by moving from a physical to digital resource. Furthermore, the amount of energy needed to carry out an action in The Cloud is often far less when compared to one needed on-site.

Up To Date Software

It should be very easy for your software provider to upgrade to newer versions with no disruption to your services. Our partners upgrade their software automatically on a regular basis.

More Flexibility

Add and remove users whenever you need to, without any extra server upgrade or administration costs attached.

Can You Help Us Move To The Cloud?

Yes, of course! Peregrine Cloud have helped hundreds of law firms just like yours to migrate their documents and services over to the Cloud.

Ask us for a free consultation and software demo today. We will help you find the best solution for your business.