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How can technology contribute towards your CSR?

08 Nov

How can technology contribute towards your CSR?

The value seen in corporate social responsibility is viewed differently amongst different businesses. Although, it should be prioritised in every business for a number of reasons; to improve the impact your business is having on the community and the world we live in, to strengthen your brand perception and to help attract future employees, just to name a few.

Technology allows us to adopt a paperless way of working; we can scan documents, mark things up, collaborate easily, and more. Virtually.

The Cloud offers a solution for the environmentally-conscious, providing a sustainable way of working, without compromising on reliability. So if you can opt for a ‘greener’ way of working, why wouldn’t you?

By opting for a cloud-based solution, your business can contribute towards reducing carbon emissions. In 2020, Accenture conducted a research study into how cloud migrations can reduce CO2 Emissions by almost 60million tons a year. The analysis showed that cloud migrations alone can reduce carbon emissions by more than 84% in comparison to a conventional infrastructure. The research suggests that the use of applications which have been designed and built specifically for the cloud, will reduce this by an additional 14%; pushing this reduction up to 98%. The solutions we offer are solely cloud-based, therefore helping to reduce your carbon footprint.

During the recent pandemic, we’re all likely to be contributing towards being more sustainable as we’re working from home, with less cars on the roads.

Being sustainable isn’t something you should be shouting from the rooftops about because it’s expected nowadays. But it is a talking point and may just help to win over a client who does prioritise this.

Being mindful of sustainability and ‘doing your bit’ towards a greener future is you standing by your employees and setting an example. Meanwhile taking a positive step for your business.

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