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Peregrine Cloud implements NetDocuments for Luxury Hotel group

02 Jun
Luxury Hotel and Resort Group

Peregrine Cloud implements NetDocuments for Luxury Hotel group

London, UK – 2 June 2018 – Peregrine Cloud implements NetDocuments for Luxury Hotel group.  Peregrine Cloud today announced they recently completed this implementation, successfully migrating the in-house legal department of this international company from difficult to access file stores to the cloud-based NetDocuments Document Management System.

Peregrine Cloud implements NetDocuments for Luxury Hotel group

At Peregrine Cloud we constantly strive to improve the way our customers manage their documents and emails, specialising in the implementation of NetDocuments and Docscorp products.  Recently we were contacted by the In-House Legal Department of a luxury hotel group, because they wanted to improve document access and sharing between their various international offices, they needed faster access to documents and needed us to resolve the problems they had been struggling with in sharing documents within the organisation.

After reviewing the way they work and their requirements we recommended NetDocuments to provide:

  • Easier and faster filing and searching for documents and emails, from all international locations
  • Better standardisation of document management across the company
  • Strengthened information and data security
  • Compliance
  • Improved efficiency

The hotel group agreed, and we successfully completed the implementation for them, but we don’t just implement and leave – we ensure the key team members are up to speed with their new document management system before we are satisfied that our job is done.

We are pleased to report the client found that: NetDocuments resolved their sharing issues, giving them faster access to their documents, and that the system was easy and intuitive to use, but most important of all the performance was everything they had hoped for.

We were thrilled to have helped our client improve their efficiency and resolve their document sharing and document management problems, if you are struggling under the weight of document or email management, get in touch with us today, and we will help you find the right solution for your business.

About Peregrine Cloud

Peregrine Cloud has extensive experience with implementing NetDocuments and Docscorp software for law firms and in-house legal departments. Our experience spans 20+ years spent implementing many different Document Management Systems.  Since 2013, our focus has been on implementing NetDocuments and Docscorp software. NetDocuments is by far the strongest, most modern and secure, cloud-based Document Management System, whilst Docscorp provides the best document production software on the market today. In this period, we have implemented NetDocuments and Docscorp software for a range of customer organisations, ranging in size from 1 user to 170 users, with all projects completed on time and on budget.

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