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Peregrine Cloud implements NetDocuments for Swedish law firm

13 May
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Peregrine Cloud implements NetDocuments for Swedish law firm

13 May 2015, Woking, Surrey, UK – Peregrine Cloud implements NetDocuments for Swedish law firm to improve document retrieval and access.

Peregrine Cloud has implemented the NetDocuments cloud-based document management system for a law firm based in Stockholm, Sweden. Working with an associate based in Stockholm, Peregrine Cloud worked on-site to implement the NetDocuments system. We started with requirements workshops, conducted in order to identify the firm’s requirements. We then configured the system as necessary to meet the requirements, providing a standardised approach to the workspace structure, which varied dependent on the type of matter. We implemented an automated integration between the firm’s practice management system and NetDocuments, to ensure new and changed client and matter information is always present in NetDocuments, to present workspaces in which to save documents. Prior to go-live, we imported a large electronic document store from partially organised network drives into client/matter workspaces. On go-live, we deployed the NetDocuments client software using a scripted process which was developed in conjunction with the client’s own IT provider and provided end-user training and floor-walking support for all users. Peregrine Cloud is now providing post-implementation support for the firm.

Prior to the NetDocuments installation, the firm’s network drives had become very difficult to work with, with some technical issues related to very long folder names and file names causing issues opening folders and documents, so finding documents was very difficult. With NetDocuments fully implemented, the firm is able to use the advanced features of NetDocuments to rapidly locate client-matter workspaces, search for and work with documents much more quickly and effectively than ever before. Staff now have the ability to work much more flexibly than ever before; they can access their documents whenever they need to, wherever they are, whether that is in the office, at home, with clients, or on the move.