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22 May

5 Reasons Why Documents Should Be Cleaned

When it comes to document metadata management, prevention is the best cure. Run a Google search on the term metadata leaks and you will be presented with thousands of examples of law firms, government departments, and political parties having published documents that contain confidential, embarrassing, or private information. So we are going to outline the 5 […]

21 May

The State of the Legal Cloud

The State of the Legal Cloud has changed. The legal technology community continues to evolve as technology becomes more and more adept at conforming to the specific requirements of law firms and their clients worldwide.

13 May
Sweden Flag

Peregrine Cloud implements NetDocuments for Swedish law firm

13 May 2015, Woking, Surrey, UK – Peregrine Cloud implements NetDocuments for Swedish law firm to improve document retrieval and access. Peregrine Cloud has implemented the NetDocuments cloud-based document management system for a law firm based in Stockholm, Sweden. Working with an associate based in Stockholm, Peregrine Cloud worked on-site to implement the NetDocuments system. […]

13 May
NetDocuments Logo

Law Firm Bullivant Houser Bailey Switches from iManage to NetDocuments

Salt Lake City, UT – Nationally Recognized Law Firm Bullivant Houser Bailey Switches from iManage to NetDocuments. Bullivant Houser Bailey has chosen NetDocuments to replace HP Autonomy iManage for their document and email management system as the firm continues to adapt to technology demands for their growing client base. The firm relies on leading technology […]

04 May

Deploy cleanDocs to protect client data and meet industry standards

When John Kang set up his solo law practice, he wanted access to the same specialist applications the larger firms used so he could provide his clients with the same level of security and service. Discover how cleanDocs enabled him to protect their private data from accidental information leaks.

10 Apr

What is the Real Cost of Your Time?

Oftentimes, we forget to value time as we do other goods and services. It is easy to put a cost on technology, but more difficult to monetize the cost that technology saves us in terms of time and productivity. On the same note, it is also difficult to determine how much money we have lost […]

11 Mar
NetDocuments Logo

NetDocuments Video Cloud Series – Usability and adoption with a modern DMS

NetDocuments Video Cloud Series – Usability and adoption with a modern DMS. User adoption of firm-wide technology is always a challenge but is extremely important. From an information governance, knowledge transfer, and compliance standpoint, it’s critical that people across the firm are adhering to the policies to secure, store, access, and collaborate with content and […]

01 Mar

5 hidden costs of on-premise DMS

Do you know the five common ‘invisible’ costs when it comes to running an on-premises DMS? These can be hefty and it’s vital to be aware of them and their impact on your operations and efficiency. Guest blogger and IT consultant Tony Brooks explains these hidden costs and why it is important to be aware […]

27 Feb

The future of collaboration software

Mikogo’s new e-book on the future of collaboration software includes industry experts and thought leaders chiming in on the value and impact that collaboration has on our work processes and how technology will affect collaboration efforts moving into the future.  This includes contribution from Marriott Murdock, from NetDocuments, who answers the following questions:-